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Approved: AdsML Framework 3.5 Release 2

July 15

The latest version of the AdsML Framework 3.5, release 2, was approved June 30 by the AdsML Consortium following a two month review and voting period. It is available at AdsML members and interested parties are encouraged to download the release and begin using it.


AdsML Framework 3.5 has been in development for [...]

AdsML Ad Ticket implemented in Pound Hill Software’s MetaGrove product

Anaheim, CA – April 23, 2010 – Pound Hill Software Updates MetaGrove Dialog for AdsML Ad Ticket

Pound Hill Software Inc. has implemented the AdsML Ad Ticket in its MetaGrove product suite. MetaGrove provides a custom screen (Dialog) for the entry of AdsML Ad Ticket metadata, implementing the AdsML AdTicket 1.0 specification. A Dialog for the [...]

AdsML Framework 3.5, Release 1 Issued

Interactive bookings, media rate card for public review

Interactive advertising now supported across the entire AdsML workflow

DARMSTADT, Germany – 25 August 2009 – AdsML Framework 3.5, Release 1 is an interim release of the AdsML Framework which contains many new features that are being made available for public review and comment.

Major additions include support for interactive [...]

AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 5 Approved

All Specifications Ready for Production Use

Major enhancements made to AdsML Materials and AdsML Bookings; specifications package now available for online browsing

DARMSTADT, Germany — In an online balloting process that just ended, AdsML Consortium members approved the latest Framework release, AdsML 3.0 Release 5. The release is considered major, since each specification included has Approved Status; [...]

AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 4 Issued

Soft-Proofing added, public comment period opens. AdsML standards development team seeks public consideration and comment on Framework 3.0 Release 4 enhancements

DARMSTADT, Germany — AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 4 was issued for public comment on 28 March by the AdsML Consortium. The centerpiece of this interim release is the ability to transmit a Soft-Proofing Approval [...]

Member Approval of AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 3

Member Approval of AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 3 Completes Specification Development for Print Media; Interactive Is Next

Darmstadt, Germany, 9 November 2007 — AdsML Consortium members voted to approve AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 3. In doing so, they confirmed the viability of financial and proof of performance specifications that allow advertisers to receive this key [...]

AdsML 3.0 Release 2

Specifications for Invoicing, Proof of Publication Lead ‘Release Candidates’ in AdsML 3.0 Release 2. Two financial specifications close the ‘order-to-invoice’ loop of advertising business processes; public comment invited

Darmstadt, Germany, 25 April 2007 — Invoices, credits, and e-tearsheets are the focus of the new release issued today by the AdsML Consortium. With AdsML 3.0 Release 2 [...]

Plan Pilots Carefully, Be Realistic, Be Committed, Say AdsML Speakers at Amsterdam Workshop

‘AdsML Is Live!’ session at IfraExpo 2006 highlights implementation successes, lessons learned. Experiences demonstrate diversity, flexibility of specifications.

DARMSTADT, Germany, 23 OCTOBER 2006 –  The “AdsML Is Live!” information session, held in Amsterdam recently, featured a lineup of speakers who reported on individual AdsML implementation experiences and outlined challenges met and overcome. The Ad Bookings, Materials [...]

AdsML Financial and Proof of Publication Schemas Released for Public Review, Comment

Proposed AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 1 Specifications Cap Standards Development for Lifecycle of Print Advertisments

DARMSTADT, Germany, 6 October 2006 – The first AdsML specifications for financial advertising processes for print media — AdsML Financials and AdsML Proof of Publication — are open to public review and comment. The proposed standards for e-invoices and [...]

AdsML Framework 2.0 Release 8 Issued

AdsML Framework 2.0 Release 8 Issued; Includes Newly Approved XMP Ad Ticket Schema

DARMSTADT, 2 October 2006 – The AdsML Consortium released AdsML Framework 2.0 Release 8 today, following member-wide balloting that confirmed the proposed AdsML XMP AdTicket Specification as an approved specification.

The XMP AdTicket Schema allows key advertising metadata, that would normally be exchanged in [...]