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AdsML 3.5, Release 3 Available for Download

May 15, 2011

A new version of The AdsML Framework has just been released by the AdsML Consortium. It is available at AdsML members and interested parties are encouraged to download the [...]

AdsML Framework release planned for May 2011

The next release of the AdsML Framework will be a fully backwards-compatible maintenance release. Work us now underway and the update is expected to be made public in late May, 2011.

Highlights include:

A new “Section” field is being added to the positioning metadata in the Ad Ticket format.
Several new usage guidelines are [...]

Technical Working Group starts new round of work

Following last year’s major release of approved specifications of the AdsML Framework, the AdsML Technical Working Group is now planning for a smaller maintenance release . The work is scheduled to begin in March. If you have any suggestions or requests for improvements to the AdsML Framework, please contact us so we can consider addressing [...]

Exchange Rates in Bookings

The next release of the AdsML Framework, which is scheduled to become available later this month, enhances the multi-currency support in Bookings messages by providing an optional Exchange Rate element at each location where a Currency can be specified. It will therefore be possible to indicate the exchange rate that was used to arrive [...]

Guidance for Digital Outdoor Bookings

The next release of the Framework, which is scheduled for release later this month, will include guidance for how to use AdsML Bookings to convey the details of a digital outdoor advertisement.

Ad Ticket Panels Updated

The next release of the Framework, which is targeted for mid April, will include updates to the Ad Ticket panels to correct a number of small issues that have been reported by users.

New Duration Element

Beginning with the next release of the AdsML Framework, which is targeted for mid April, users will be able to convey the duration of an advertisement using a dedicated “Duration” element. Until now it was necessary to use a user-defined property for this purpose. Duration can be expressed in any desired unit of measure: [...]

Multi-Lingual Support

The next release of the Framework, which is targeted for mid April, will enable alternative versions of human-readable metadata (such as notes, comments, descriptions and instructions) to be transmitted in more than one language. For example, an organization in Switzerland will be able to include French, Italian and Swiss-German versions of an important instruction.

The new [...]