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AdsML 3.5, Release 3 Available for Download

May 15, 2011

A new version of The AdsML Framework has just been released by the AdsML Consortium. It is available at AdsML members and interested parties are encouraged to download the release and begin using it.


AdsML Framework 3.5, Release 3 is a maintenance upgrade to the AdsML Framework. Changes in Release 3 include:

  • Improvements to the Usage documentation for AdsML Bookings and AdsML Media Pack.
  • New “Section” and “Publisher Country” elements in AdsML Ad Ticket.
  • Updated ISO Country Code values in the AdsML Controlled Vocabularies.

Implementers who already have Release 2 but wish to benefit from these changes can download just the new materials.

This is the second fully Approved release of Framework 3.5; an earlier approved version was made available in June 2010. Release 3 is fully compatible with the previous release and builds on its capabilities.