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AdsML presents to Digital Ad Lab UK

Apple EBC, London, September 13, 2010 – AdsML TWG gives presentation on AdsML Framework 3.5, R2 to the DAL September meeting

The AdsML Technical Working Group will present the current release of the AdsML Framework to the September meeting of the Digital Ad Lab UK. An overview of the benefits offered by AdsML will be given, including the guiding principles that motivated its design, the functionality that the AdsML specifications provide, and the cost savings that can be realised by using AdsML to enable digital workflows and b2b transactions. Jay Cousins of the AdsML TWG will present.

About Digital Ad Lab UK

Digital Ad Lab UK (DAL UK) is an independent, open forum for those involved in all aspects of digital workflows. It provides a platform for participants to discuss issues relating to the successful creation and reliable delivery of secure digital files.

DAL UK promotes and facilitates the adoption of effective and efficient 100% digital workflows through the exchange of ideas and discussion of issues and best practices at open industry meetings.