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AdsML Framework 3.0 Release 5 Approved

All Specifications Ready for Production Use

Major enhancements made to AdsML Materials and AdsML Bookings; specifications package now available for online browsing

DARMSTADT, Germany — In an online balloting process that just ended, AdsML Consortium members approved the latest Framework release, AdsML 3.0 Release 5. The release is considered major, since each specification included has Approved Status; none have only Proposed Status. All specifications in Release 5 are ready for production use.

User and member feedback drove many of the major enhancements made to the Materials and Bookings specifications. Other changes are less significant, though necessary: maintenance upgrades, changes made to keep schema structures aligned throughout the suite of standards, and updates to correct errors and allow the new Type Library to be imported.

User feedback important

“Several aspects of this release are worth noting,” said AdsML Consortium Chair John Iobst, vice president of Newspaper Association of America in Arlington, Virginia. “This is the first full release of approved specifications since AdsML 1.0 was issued in 2003. The user experiences that drove these latest enhancements are strong. This is a well-tested standard. Some vendors already have incorporated it into their products.

“In addition,” Iobst continued, “our development team enhanced the specification download procedure, so that you now can either download the full release or browse the various specifications online, selecting and downloading components one by one. This offers an improved user experience.”

Documentation also strengthened
Particular focus was given to documentation, adding use cases and examples. The strengthened documentation will make examining and implementing the standard eiseier. “This is an ongoing effort,” said Iobst. “If you know of additional changes that are needed, don’t hesitate to let us know about them.”

About the AdsML Framework
The AdsML Framework for E-Commerce Business Standards for Advertising (AdsML Framework) is the first international data-exchange standard for managing the electronic transfer of information throughout the advertising industry, for all distribution channels. Stated informally, AdsML’s vision is to tie together all of the parties and disparate software packages involved in producing,booking, distributing and publishing an ad, so they operate as if they all use the same software system, although they don’t. For additional information, visit .

About the AdsML Consortium and Its Partners

The mission of the AdsML Consortium is to develop an open standard that will unify and extend existing advertising standards and automate advertising business processes — across all types of media, for all stages of the lifecycle of an advertisement, across all segments of the advertising industry, worldwide. It is supported by Ifra, a leading international association for newspaper and media publishing and the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), which represents more than 2,000 newspapers in the U.S. and Canada.

The Consortium’s strategic partners are Associated Newspapers, Ltd., Publigroupe and Time Inc. The Consortium’s members include a growing list of companies and organizations united to create a set of media-neutral, internationally-adopted specifications and business processes for the exchange of advertising information and content.

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